Instructions on how to react if a supplier cancels 9 weeks before the wedding 

1. Pour glass of wine and draft a choice few words in response . Delete words.

2. Flick through pintrest and then read Rock and roll bride magazine whilst choosing choice words. 

3. Pour second glass of wine and watch a rubbish drama programme. Write the chosen revised choice words. 

4. Delete choice words 

5. Pour third glass of wine and remember to keep F#%$ing calm. 

6. Drunkenly feel sorry for yourself 

7. Sleep 

In all seriousness I can’t believe how calm I have been with a little glitch with the caterer. Martin got on and emailed some new ones while I continued with the schedule of things to make. These things happen and in all seriousness it may be a blessing. 

There is ages to find a new one and all I can say is I am grateful for it not being a week before the wedding.

See……. Soooo calm! 



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