A Most Curious Wedding Fair – Why would you got o any other?

Hello, yes still alive! Just popping in to tell you about this as if you have not heard of this fair you need to

Last week I went as a bridesmaid to the most brilliant and refreshing wedding fair. So much so I had to tell anyone who is interested all about it. So if you have not already had to listen to me going on and on about it in person then here you go! have a read!!

If you are a bride looking for stretchy chair covers with the pretty sash tied in a bow, the DJ who played at your Granny Em’s 80th, the candy cart which can be accessoried to meet any colour scheme then possibly you should think twice


if you like most brides to be I know spend all day drooling and yearning to be as cool and fun as those brides on Rock and Roll Brides blog and magazine and/or you are addicted to Pintrest and Instagram then look no further! This fair is the holy grail of cool. Most of all its not inmidating, fancy, or scary its welcoming and homely and all the vendors actually feel like your best friend (or at least you wish they were).

While I was there I finally managed to find the person who could do the wedding ring I wanted for the price I can afford. There were called London Rocks and I met the MOST amazing designer called Laura from LorieX who I am working with on something really exciting.

There were fashion shows, Cakes, prop hire companies (especially one who had the most amazing chandeliers and religious artifacts called Bijoux bride ) there was also the Cereal Killer Cafe (who sells lucky charms breakfast) it was just amazing. Our picture is from Boxless Booths.


We got tattoos from Doris Loves who also gave me great tips on Marquee letters. IMG_8114

Things By Laura was there who I follow on Instagram so it was great to meet her in person. Her paper flowers are to die for!

So keep a look out on the website http://www.amostcuriousweddingfair.co.uk/ for the next dates. I would also really recommend the VIP goody bags. We didnt and I spent the whole time with massive VIP guest envy. especially looking at the Benefit goodies!

Right better go plan this wedding.

Its only 10 weeks, 1 day and 1 hour you know!!


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