Thinking of moving house yourself? A few tips from our move

So, other than say DON’T! Hire the professionals, here are some helpful pieces of advice I wish I knew before we moved ourselves.

1. Think about how much you have to move. A small studio flat or student accommodation is a world away from a  4 bedroom  house and a double garage! Think of the fact your body will actually be moving all of that stuff. ( hurts your back just thinking about it!) Hire tools and equipment that will help like those little sack truck things and a van with a tail lift?

2. Write detailed descriptions of what is in what box and where it needs to got o in the new house. Just because its the box of stuff from your bottom kitchen drawer you might want to store it somewhere else to give you more room to move about in your new home. Put the location of where it needs to go not where it came from.

3. You will need more boxes than you think and same goes for tape and bubble wrap. Make sure you have lots of supplies and a good marker pen for labeling the boxes.


I keep telling myself this is organised chaos!

4. Wardrobe boxes are a god send but if you do not have any or can not afford lots of them (or any) then group your clothes still on hangers and section with tape. We also covered ours with a bin liner to keep them clean and reasonably tidy on the back seat of the car.

5. Do not pack boxes to heavy. Once you have lifted the 40th box you will want it light.


Make sure your kettle isn’t in that box in the far corner!

6. Start packing early. Seriously you do not need 10 saucepans 2weeks ahead of the move date – as I found out.

7. Keep all cleaning supplies in a crate so you have everything to hand

8. A crate of tea and biscuits will keep people happy. We forgot to plan what and how we would eat and there was many a ‘hangry’ person wandering around until MIL took action and fed the crew. Make sandwiches the night before.

9. Use suitcases!! Towels, bedding, anything!

10. Plan to get beds made first, order a pizza and have a glass of wine. There is so much time to unpack. Enjoy your new home!

What was everyone else’s experience of moving themselves or using a moving company?


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