Progress report – what should you have done with 6 months to go?

It’s 5 months and 1 week to the wedding.

Amazing really as I thought we had ages to go and we just moved house last week so its been all about packing and unpacking and not wedding planning.

I also thought we were really organised and well planned until I read one of those lists that tell you what you should do and when. Lets take a look.

So by now we should have all the below booked, decided and organised……….

Theme and style all decided  – Not quite as keep seeing more and more designs and colours I like

Ceremony venue – Yeah……. kind of……… need to firm up the church times and actually confirm the date and stuff…….

Reception venue should all be booked -Yes – Boom!

Number of Guests – we have a rough idea…..

Florist – Nope think this is a DIY job but probably actually need to organise something don’t I?

Band/DJ – No.

Caterers – Yes! Done!!

Photographer – YES!! (2 actually firmed up and decided items done so far)

Transport – Nope. We wont need it but need to organise it for the guests after the reception.

Dress – Don’t even go there

Bridesmaids – I have them! Can’t find the shell suits though……

Wedding rings – Nope…..

Stationary – NO!…..

Wedding Cake – Thank god we are not having one! (I will just count this as a yes so I feel better)

None of this includes the stuff you need to do with 5 months to go etc.

Good job I never listen to good advice otherwise I might start to panic a bit. Just a bit. Teeny tiny bit!!

Sorry what was that you asked?

Gin and Tonic?

Yes please. Make it a double.




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