Never a bridesmade always a bride…UNTIL NOW!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the moment I have waited for my whole life for has arrived. I wish I could link a fanfare to this post….

After 32 years of hoping and wishing I have actually been asked by my oldest (how long I have known her not in relation to her age) friend to be a part of her bridal party and one of her bridesmaids. Whoopee!

I received a card which was hand stitched in the proposed colour scheme asking me to be a part of the day. Just the card shows the level of detail and craft that will be involved in this wedding. I love a good old craft-fest.

Maybe I will be able to give bits from my wedding.

It is such a huge privilege, Thank you KATIE!!

I am looking forward to all the jobs and responsibilities that come with it. Look out for posts on the joys of planning a hen do and what its like on the other side. eek!

I know my bridesmaids have started organising my hen do and I believe its all quite complicated. I am sure planning my own wedding and Katie’s hen do shall be fun………and filled with wine!

Here praying she does not put me in a monster dress!



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