Buying the wine in France – is it worth it?

A couple of people have commented on the trip I had with my friend Liz (alas no poor Josephine) to stock up on wine for the wedding. Comments have been around how organised I appear to be and that it’s a long way off yet – a good 7 months in advance – but also with corkage and travel costs do you save any money?……

Personally I think if you are paying corkage or if you are not then the answer is a huge yes! (Within reason obviously) IMG_5977.JPG

We’ll let me try to explain…….

The hypermarkets will pay for your crossing so the ferry or train is often free, your only travel cost is your petrol and we spent 60quid in diesel.

The Prosecco we bought was £6 a bottle cheaper than it was in the Uk and I bought 90 bottles. That’s a saving of £540

The white wine was a £4 saving per bottle so a saving of £120 on 30 bottles

The red wine again was a £4 saving per bottle so a saving on 40 bottles of £160

So just on UK prices (shop bought) we saved a total £820. Factor in corkage and petrol that’s got to be seen as impressive!

Some venues we spoke to had a £10 per bottle of sparkling wine corkage costs. This is not only ridiculous! But means at £16 per bottle instead of the hotels £25 a bottle it’s still worth considering. Other venues charged per head so cheaper still!

The supermarkets have many offers too so there were bottles of wine for as little as £1.75 and deals like 3 bottles for £6

I would love to hear from anyone who agrees or has found an obvious fault with my maths! ( I am the worst maths person ever – Liz can verify!)


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