To formal photo or not to formal photo?

We have come quite a way since we first set out what we wanted in our wedding and the thing we had always agreed on was that we did not want to spend hours having pictures taken while our guests partied the afternoon away.
I will confess I have attended a wedding in the last year (ish) and drank so much in the hours they were having pictures taken I don’t remember the dinner!!! (Shocking I know) so figured I was actually doing people a favour.
We picked our photographer as he is pretty special and a bit edgy. I am so excited to be working with him.
I was pretty surprised tonight when I was completing the booking form it asks and recommends some formal pictures. It made me sit up and think again about what we should do.

The positives I can find is it’s great for mums and dads to have a pic of everyone but all the organising it takes for a group shot makes me need a glass of proscecco just thinking about it…….
Negatives is the hours spend having pictures while the wedding guests all party away waiting for us to turn up.

I am sure it will all be resolved. I will take advice from the professional but would appreciate any advice. Has anyone else has this issue? What did you do?

Thanks for reading x


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