Planning the ‘Cruise’ of a lifetime

One of my bridesmaids is always going on about how brilliant a cruise is so I have decided to go on one.

Its not a hen do cruise nor is it honeymoon planning, we are off to France to raid the supermarkets for plonk!

The wonderful Josephine (Hurstbourne Priors ) and my good friend Liz offered to come with me to check out the duty free Prossecco and how could a girl refuse an offer like that!

Josephine has a ticket for the Eurostar and the need for speed, so it would of been rude to have refused her kind offer. Liz and I have a brilliant pallet for wine tasting so we obviously make the A team!

I have booked us into a fantastic looking hotel called Hotel Maurice.

The rooms are brilliant

We have a room like this!

and it has secure parking which is a must when you have a car fool of booze.

I will fill you in on how we get on. I am expecting this to be an epic journey (just to get to the train will take hours and hours).

Better go polish up on my poor GCSE french! Oui?

Any tips for the trip will be much welcomed!


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