Wedding traditions. – Northern Ireland

After being enlightened by the lucky chimney sweep I wondered what traditions there were that were from my home place (Northern Ireland).
We have both said an element of each of our heritages would be good to have as a wink to family and history.

Unfortunately there was nothing too unusual in my bracket of wedding traditions. I have listed those I could find below

• ladies proposing on a leap year (bit late)
• do not be congratulated on your wedding by a woman first.
• a happily married woman should put the veil on the bride and if the bride does it herself it’s bad luck.
• if your stone in your engagement ring is your birthstone it’s lucky
• if your wedding dress is accidentally torn on your wedding day it’s lucky
• the bride stands on the left during the ceremony as when weddings were by capture the husband needed to have his right hand to fight! ( swashbuckling romance – my favourite!)

Most are the same as those we all think of, old, new, borrowed and blue, throwing the bouquet, carrying the bride over the threshold etc etc

Maybe I could incorporate my favourites? Buckfast, super chips and potato bread with dippy egg!


Have I missed any?


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