Women and Leadership – Just thinking out loud

Ok , I am heading a bit off piste here with this post but who cares! (I ask myself quite a few questions in this too)

I am working Tuesday afternoon presenting to an impressive group of women from other countries, the list ranges from Kenya to Malaysia to Tanzania. The topic of their two week course is Women in leadership and I will be co-presenting on Leading Highly Performing Teams.

The aim of the whole course is to equip these powerful women from around the world with skills, knowledge and inspiration to make real changes in their work and more. I would love for them to leave with personal insight and increased confidence. Can you learn to be a leader like a trade? I am not convinced this is possible.

Whilst resourcing the material for the discussion and presentation it has amazed me how much body related posts I came across or posts on how women have to break through the glass ceiling blah blah……

Do we need to be a feminist to be a female leader? Why does being female even have to matter? Why is there so much pressure to aspire to be a leader as a woman and not just a leader! The word leader……….its a big deal!

I am confident I understand the difference between leadership and management. its quite a big difference too and I like to think I have leadership qualities such as integrity and belief in what I am doing however I would say I am on a journey in becoming the best ‘leader’ I can, in both home and work (wedding related – I am definitely just managing a vision!) however I know I falter and make mistakes.

I think this topic is going to give me quite a bit to reflect on today as I prepare. Anyone who has any comment to help would be greatly appreciated.

Tell me who inspires you male or female!


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