Local wedding fair – Wedding Exhibition Promotions, Holiday Inn

Yesterday when driving past a local Hotel, Evie and I spotted a sign for a wedding fair this morning. We have only ever been to one and so we thought it would be really fun to pop along and see if there were any ideas or vendors we could chat up and consider.

To be honest I think it was just a huge waste of time. This is the 2nd fair we have been to and it was just the same people. A couple of regular photographers, artificial flowers and table decorations, wedding ring stall, photo both, couple of cake stalls, DJ, toastmaster and a chimney sweep.

A chimney sweep?!? I hear you ask?
Yes apparently it’s an old English tradition……..

The DJ’s who also said they could source a band spent the whole time telling me the band I wanted wasn’t a good idea as it was bit to specialist and wouldn’t appeal to the masses. Well mr music men maybe that’s what I want!!

The photo booth was fun I am considering maybe getting one! Evie and I quite liked this company too.

All in all I am not sure this wedding fair business is for me. I paid £1 today for the “pleasure”.

Maybe I should organise a better one myself? Next week is a vintage wedding fair. You would think it’s going to be better than today as it’s £2 entry! 😉


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