Is the best part of planning the spreadsheet?

Is it just me?

Everything needs a plan. A list is the minimum requirement to do anything in my mind. I struggle to finish a sentence my attention span is so poor so I need some structure to keep me focused and on track. All else failing Martin (who is a completed finisher) reminds me of my unfinished initiatives!

simple plan (nice and simple this one)

I have looked at a few wedding planning spreadsheets available to download and the apps you can pop onto your phone or iPad. I have downloaded a couple and then deleted them as they didn’t seem to be all that useful. I would really appreciate any suggestions on one that you would recommend.


Currently I have a whopper of a spread sheet that I created and it holds everything. I keep sending it to my email address so I have it backed up in case anything goes wrong (so technical I  scare myself sometimes)

The tabs go like this

  • Summary page – high level overview of everything that totals the costs. Holds contact details to all the vendors and links to their websites.
  • Guest list (inc address, email, phone number and dietary requirements)
  • Marquee info
  • Caterer info
  • Photographer info
  • Craft tab (breakdown of materials and costs)
  • Table plan (blank)

I am looking forward to adding more tabs and even…… (cringe)……. colour coding them!!



I started to get a bit geeky and have the cost amounts adjust depending on the number of people attending. Is that too much?……

Has anyone else created their own wedding planner and want to share formulas?


2 thoughts on “Is the best part of planning the spreadsheet?

  1. Hey DB, I had exactly the same issue. All the planning docs you can download were shocking. I bought a lovely looking book from a stationary shop (Aussie equivalent of paperchase) but in reality it wasn’t too helpful as things change so often I just had to keep crossing things out!
    So… I created an awesome spreadsheet. It has 11 tabs, formulas, colour coding and reminders! Everyone who I have dared show it to thinks I am ridiculous but it makes life much easier, helps me keep tracking of spending, is an easy to update resource and ultimately means I am not stressed about planning at all!
    Am happy to share with you if you’d like though it sounds as though you are well on track with you own.
    Not sure about you but I am considering a career change to Wedding Planning after mine is over! 🙂 xx


  2. Sarah I would love to see you spreadsheet too! Please send it over if not just for inspiration!
    It is really good to know I am not alone in my love for a good plan to track all the important bits x


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