Leicester 5 Manchester United 3 (21st Sept ’14)


There were presumably a few match reports half-written at 60mins that were swiftly scrapped in the aftermath of this shambolic end to the game (from a United perspective). Having strolled into a fairly comfortable 3-1 lead, to concede four unanswered goals in such a short spell, and to fold so comprehensively in doing so, is worrying whilst simultaneously not that surprising to anyone who recognises a back four with little experience behind a midfield that has offered no protection against any opponents this season.

The injury to Evans did not help and the defence of Rafael, Smalling, Blackett and Rojo were leaderless lambs to the slaughter. The latter two can plead youth and ‘newness’ as excuses. Smalling can just escape with his relative lack of regular first team games but needs to rapidly show that he is the future for us- at 25 he is older than Rio was when…

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My name is Danielle and I am an addict

It just kind of happened you know……

I didn’t realise how bad it was until now. It’s too late now and the addiction has formed.

Walking down a high street has taken a whole new meaning for me.

I get a bit of a cold sweat across my brow and palms
My eyes dart from left to right looking for the signs of somewhere I can get my “hit”.
Just a little one I tell myself, I will just look I won’t touch.

It never works.
I can never restrain myself
I have to have them

The tea cups, saucers, fabrics, they must be mine!

Charity shops are my poison. Move over Primark castaways, get out of my way stuffed animals. Let me through to the bric a brac.

Everywhere I look more inspiration and items that give me ideas, look pressed glass!

What’s that…..a floral duvet cover!? BINGO!!

I know one day I will be able to stop but not until at least May. I am not ready yet.

Not just yet

Planning the ‘Cruise’ of a lifetime

One of my bridesmaids is always going on about how brilliant a cruise is so I have decided to go on one.

Its not a hen do cruise nor is it honeymoon planning, we are off to France to raid the supermarkets for plonk!

The wonderful Josephine (Hurstbourne Priors ) and my good friend Liz offered to come with me to check out the duty free Prossecco and how could a girl refuse an offer like that!

Josephine has a ticket for the Eurostar and the need for speed, so it would of been rude to have refused her kind offer. Liz and I have a brilliant pallet for wine tasting so we obviously make the A team!

I have booked us into a fantastic looking hotel called Hotel Maurice.

The rooms are brilliant

We have a room like this!

and it has secure parking which is a must when you have a car fool of booze.

I will fill you in on how we get on. I am expecting this to be an epic journey (just to get to the train will take hours and hours).

Better go polish up on my poor GCSE french! Oui?

Any tips for the trip will be much welcomed!

Wedding traditions. – Northern Ireland

After being enlightened by the lucky chimney sweep I wondered what traditions there were that were from my home place (Northern Ireland).
We have both said an element of each of our heritages would be good to have as a wink to family and history.

Unfortunately there was nothing too unusual in my bracket of wedding traditions. I have listed those I could find below

• ladies proposing on a leap year (bit late)
• do not be congratulated on your wedding by a woman first.
• a happily married woman should put the veil on the bride and if the bride does it herself it’s bad luck.
• if your stone in your engagement ring is your birthstone it’s lucky
• if your wedding dress is accidentally torn on your wedding day it’s lucky
• the bride stands on the left during the ceremony as when weddings were by capture the husband needed to have his right hand to fight! ( swashbuckling romance – my favourite!)

Most are the same as those we all think of, old, new, borrowed and blue, throwing the bouquet, carrying the bride over the threshold etc etc

Maybe I could incorporate my favourites? Buckfast, super chips and potato bread with dippy egg!


Have I missed any?

Never to early to start…….Bunting

I have been buying lots of floral duvets and curtains for bunting.
It also seems I am doing this the long winded way as in all sewn and no glue and pinking shears. I think I might use them all after to make a quilt and it can be our wedding quilt.

I think I am going to be doing this for the next 8months solid at this rate

How soon did you begin your wedding bunting?

Women and Leadership – Just thinking out loud

Ok , I am heading a bit off piste here with this post but who cares! (I ask myself quite a few questions in this too)

I am working Tuesday afternoon presenting to an impressive group of women from other countries, the list ranges from Kenya to Malaysia to Tanzania. The topic of their two week course is Women in leadership and I will be co-presenting on Leading Highly Performing Teams.

The aim of the whole course is to equip these powerful women from around the world with skills, knowledge and inspiration to make real changes in their work and more. I would love for them to leave with personal insight and increased confidence. Can you learn to be a leader like a trade? I am not convinced this is possible.

Whilst resourcing the material for the discussion and presentation it has amazed me how much body related posts I came across or posts on how women have to break through the glass ceiling blah blah……

Do we need to be a feminist to be a female leader? Why does being female even have to matter? Why is there so much pressure to aspire to be a leader as a woman and not just a leader! The word leader……….its a big deal!

I am confident I understand the difference between leadership and management. its quite a big difference too and I like to think I have leadership qualities such as integrity and belief in what I am doing however I would say I am on a journey in becoming the best ‘leader’ I can, in both home and work (wedding related – I am definitely just managing a vision!) however I know I falter and make mistakes.

I think this topic is going to give me quite a bit to reflect on today as I prepare. Anyone who has any comment to help would be greatly appreciated.

Tell me who inspires you male or female!

Lucky Chimney Sweep

Yesterday I wrote about a local wedding fair, and at that wedding fair there was a chimney sweep. A very nice man all dressed up in traditional Victorian clothes and a grubby looking face, He also and one of those chimney brush things.

Brush thingy

He informed me as part of his pitch which was full of jokes (which Evie and I both laughed at) that It’s tradition to have a chimney sweep kiss the bride for luck. I was a bit dubious and wondered if this was just a man with a bride fetish so looked it up….

Love this old picture from Bournemouth

And it is very true!! It’s a 200year old tradition that comes from when a chimney sweep saved the life of King George III. Apparently the kings horses were running off and the chimney sweep was the only person (think it was a particular one not the vocation itself) who was brave enough to stop them. (Note: Due to the major lack of selfies at this time there is no picture 😦 sorry). By royal decree the King then made all chimney sweeps good luck bearers and as such they must be treated with respect.

Ever since this people have been inviting the chimney sweeps to come along to the wedding to kiss the bride.

Pucker up!

I have never been to a wedding where they had one however the sweep I spoke to had lots of pictures of weddings he had been to. One of them had him peeking out from beside the church. Looked both fun and scary!!


Sweep dreams (I didn’t actually get his name but I found him on Google!)

Has anyone else had a sweep at their wedding? Did they receive any of the luck they claim to give? Also surely it has to be an actual sweep and not just fancy dress?

It’s made me think about any traditions we might like to have. This will call for a bit more investigation.