Enter bridezilla *hanging her head in shame*

I had what some people may describe as a bridezilla moment yesterday (aka a tantrum-esq. few minutes). I am not proud of it, I think it could mostly be based on a hangover and lack of sleep (rubbish excuses), however it did kind of happen.
I then spent the whole evening stewing about how I had envisioned the day to be and how the schedule would work and what if that wouldn’t happen? Totally ridiculous I know.

One of my biggest loves of the venue (soon to be named and available to other couples) is the freedom it offers. When we were looking at other venues they were really prescriptive about the marquee will go here, the tables go here, the band goes here etc. I wanted to do my own thing so quite often walked out of a venue put off for this reason.

I will now let you into a little secret
I hate being told what to do surprised? Really?
Luckily Martin has learnt to manage me in a way that means I don’t even realise I am being told! It’s irrational and emotional and the excuses stop there, I am boring myself now! (Yawn)
No more bridezilla is allowed!

So now I had better go email Stacey about marquee location and work out another way to do the speeches. Luckily evensong last night included confession!……

Please tell me I am not the only one! Let me know your bridezilla moments if you had any?


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