Workbench, jigsaw and drill (tick) – the next DIY project

One of my next DIY projects are some lovely giant marquee letters. You know the ones………..

I love these and after seeing Kate and Evan make theirs on their blog and reading through their instructions, I have been convinced I will make some for the wedding (buying is really expensive and I like the idea of having them after the wedding, maybe we could stick them to the front of the house?).

I read through Kate and Evan’s blog and have made a list of what was needed. Wood, lights, metal. That’s not too hard is it? No idea, because before I started looking there was a couple of crucial limiting factors that needed addressing first.

Firstly I needed some tools so for my birthday (in case i didn’t get a Mullberry handbag), I asked for a drill and workbench. What more would a girl ask for?
Most people thought I was joking but Martin obviously knows me well because………ta da! guess what I got!

I wont bore you with the voltage and torque settings but I will say it comes with two batteries which is just ingenious.

I managed to buy a jigsaw at a car boot sale the other week. It looks brilliant next to all the china and floral patterns in my garage.

I have built the workbench which was a challenge (Draper please sort your instructions out – unless the reason for them is because men do not look at them hence there is no point in making them better)

Now I need to work out the materials and where I can get them from. I had visions of 6ft letters but I am beginning to realise that might be a bit optimistic. I might do a cardboard scale model this weekend (I could use fairy lights too) and think through methods and plans.

Any advice on building these would be really appreciated as I think its going to take more than a pretty drill, workbench and secondhand jigsaw. I was also told by a colleague today that decoupaging the workbench would be classed as procrastination (spoil sport)



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