Another day and another photographer already booked – Claudia Rose Carter

You know I really thought I was being a bit silly when I started looking at photographers already. There is 8-9 months left to sort this wedding stuff out, I was mostly trying to see how much it costs. I am very glad I did as so far 2 of the people who I would class as my favorite photographers are booked!

Matt Parry recommended Claudia Rose Carter of which I was very grateful because when I looked at her website I was really excited to see I had actually already looked at her work! It’s either a very small world of I have a seriously dangerous addiction to Pintrest!

My favorite all time wedding dress by Wendy Makin was featured in a destination wedding that Claudia did. Many of you may have seen it but if not take a look.

Claudia’s style is beautiful,edgy, and creative and right up my street! Whoever you are 23rd of May 2015 you are very lucky!

As you can imagine I am getting slightly anxious I won’t find the right person. Luckily Claudia has also suggested a photographer who she works with so onwards we go on the search.


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