Matt Parry – Alternative wedding photography

I am so in love with this photographer’s work I had to share it with you all. I have not stopped talking about it since I found him on my searches.

There is one major problem (and it wasn’t even money)  – He’s already taken and obviously refuses to change his plans! Whoever you are your really lucky and I am very very jealous!

I spent hours looking through his pictures, I love the colours and the fact his black and white photos are just that. I hate it when the contrast is up so high it makes you squint. Its a photo you’re looking at not the sun for goodness sake!

This little girl is brilliant!

His website can be found on this link and his blog includes lots of his weddings to date. They are all stunning!

Love the colours

I have gained quite a bit of inspiration from some of these weddings too, the decadent disco has had me searching for chandeliers! (I must see if Josephine can put a swing in the trees)

Amazing inspiration

I am certain now of the style I am looking for. I ended up chatting to Matt for ages on the phone and he was really helpful answering some of my questions. Because he wasn’t trying to sell me anything I assume he had nothing to gain and his advice was brilliant! Totally changed my view on some things I had thought were absolutes. He has also recommended another photographer so hopefully I will have found someone soon!

Maybe I should just book him anyway for another day, maybe a family shoot with the kids.

right I am away to go look through his website a bit more with my tissues because I am not wallowing at all. Hopefully I will get over this disappointment soon.

What do you think of this style of wedding photo’s?


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