Commuting rocks! (Don’t call the men in white just yet)

You may or may not know but I have a long journey to work. It’s short either side of the train journey but I get to spend approx 2-3 hours a day sat on a train and it’s brilliant!

No I have not gone loco suddenly (it’s always been there). The OCD, developed since November, in terms of where I stand on a platform, the unspoken rules of fellow commuters, the dilemma of snoring, dribbling,resting your head on the person next to you and missing your station because you are asleep are all just in a mornings ride to work.

I used to see myself as fortunate with my commute as I got to sleep and read my book as opposed to sitting in a traffic jam in my old beaten car which has no stereo. That was until I started planning the wedding.

Now I can’t sleep. I am wide awake thinking, mulling and musing over all the different things I need to do. I update my fancy spreadsheet (oh yes baby it’s pretty cool) or I am sewing. In my last post I talked about the hearts to hang on the chairs, well the train ride has given me a perfect opportunity to turn this journey time into a major crafting session.


Even if I do have to sit on the floor *rant alert* because the train company won’t put on more trains to deal with the bursting at the seams demand (breathe) I am happily sat sewing (unfortunately there are no pictures of this as I can’t ask one of the fellow commuters to take a picture – we don’t talk to each other, that’s absolutely not the done thing)

I am sure I look a bit bonkers to the others and I also worry about being told off for carrying my scissors on public transport.

Does anyone else do anything creative on their commute or can anyone suggest any tips for helping me get back to sleep!


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