Hearts and flowers

I am sure you have all seen those hanging hearts everywhere. They come in metal, wood, wire with beads, you can pop tea lights into them and use them as pillows. I thought they would be a really cute item to use as part of the decoration.
I have asked for a workbench and drill for my birthday this year so I can make things with wood but right now I only have my sewing machine. I saw some hanging hearts like these

IMG_5142.JPG and thought I can do that!
I had some floral cotton I had found in a charity shop and used a template from Homemaker magazine (you can download it from their website) and set about having a go. It was a bit trial and error at first

It’s heart-shaped yes but I forgot to sew whatever it was going to hang from as I stitched it and when I tried to sew that on after it looked a bit messy.

So I tried again and this was a bit better


I then thought I could spice it up a bit with some embroidery (obviously) Why not make it personal I thought I have loads of time to do that!  At least for the family members and wedding party. I know!!!! I will hand embroider each one as well as look after 2 kids and work full-time!

I filled it with barley which you can warm up and then it can be used as a heat pack. I ladder stitched by hand the small hole I left to fill it. So far so good……..
This 1 hanging heart only took a whole afternoon (and it only smelled a bit like a dinner once warmed in the microwave yuck…..)

Looked good don’t you think?

I never learnt less is more and I went and added a wonky lopsided o, v and e. The result is I now know what I will and won’t do (and I don’t want wonky writing that looks like a child has made it, so this one can hang in the house).

With 130 guests I wonder if I can do one for each?
I will hang them on the chairs in the reception and I am a bit worried about the smell so have ordered some lavender to pop in them.
Maybe a different shape would be easier?
Has anyone else done this and have any idea how much time it took them?

Either way I better get started!


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