Patience is a virtue I am still trying to learn

I would admit that yes, I often fool myself.

Some may say that I am completely delusional in my personal belief that I have any patience at all. Planning this wedding is definitely giving me material to reflect on

I am probably the complete opposite of patient given the definition below

Patience – Noun

The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

forbearance, tolerance, restraint, self-restraint, resignation, stoicism, fortitude, sufferance, endurance; calmness, composure, even temper, even-temperedness, serenity, tranquility, imperturbability, understanding, indulgence, lenience

So I have set myself a challenge – I am going to learn more patience (Simples!)

How do you go about learning to be patient I hear you all ask? – Well obviously you Google it, (I do not own the complete set of Britannia encyclopedia’s) and Wikihow will show you the way!

In summary – it is going to take time (like I have any of that and I think this is going to entail being patient…..this feels like a circle of failure) and it will take 12 steps (12!!) however I could only see 5 (confession – I was too impatient to read them all properly).

Some of what I did read made sense, so for anyone else who would like to improve their patience levels I have included them below:

1 – Understand Why you are impatient? – Look for triggers and patterns

2 – Write it all down – To reflect back

3 – Overcome impatience – by breathing and letting go…..(I am not being facetious just rushing)

4 – See the bigger picture –  because you will get what you want (Time and hard work are included)

5 – Expect the unexpected – including controlling expectations! (save the hardest until last Wiki how!)

Has anyone else increased their levels of patience? Let me know (and please hurry ;-))




Enter bridezilla *hanging her head in shame*

I had what some people may describe as a bridezilla moment yesterday (aka a tantrum-esq. few minutes). I am not proud of it, I think it could mostly be based on a hangover and lack of sleep (rubbish excuses), however it did kind of happen.
I then spent the whole evening stewing about how I had envisioned the day to be and how the schedule would work and what if that wouldn’t happen? Totally ridiculous I know.

One of my biggest loves of the venue (soon to be named and available to other couples) is the freedom it offers. When we were looking at other venues they were really prescriptive about the marquee will go here, the tables go here, the band goes here etc. I wanted to do my own thing so quite often walked out of a venue put off for this reason.

I will now let you into a little secret
I hate being told what to do surprised? Really?
Luckily Martin has learnt to manage me in a way that means I don’t even realise I am being told! It’s irrational and emotional and the excuses stop there, I am boring myself now! (Yawn)
No more bridezilla is allowed!

So now I had better go email Stacey about marquee location and work out another way to do the speeches. Luckily evensong last night included confession!……

Please tell me I am not the only one! Let me know your bridezilla moments if you had any?

Workbench, jigsaw and drill (tick) – the next DIY project

One of my next DIY projects are some lovely giant marquee letters. You know the ones………..

I love these and after seeing Kate and Evan make theirs on their blog and reading through their instructions, I have been convinced I will make some for the wedding (buying is really expensive and I like the idea of having them after the wedding, maybe we could stick them to the front of the house?).

I read through Kate and Evan’s blog and have made a list of what was needed. Wood, lights, metal. That’s not too hard is it? No idea, because before I started looking there was a couple of crucial limiting factors that needed addressing first.

Firstly I needed some tools so for my birthday (in case i didn’t get a Mullberry handbag), I asked for a drill and workbench. What more would a girl ask for?
Most people thought I was joking but Martin obviously knows me well because………ta da! guess what I got!

I wont bore you with the voltage and torque settings but I will say it comes with two batteries which is just ingenious.

I managed to buy a jigsaw at a car boot sale the other week. It looks brilliant next to all the china and floral patterns in my garage.

I have built the workbench which was a challenge (Draper please sort your instructions out – unless the reason for them is because men do not look at them hence there is no point in making them better)

Now I need to work out the materials and where I can get them from. I had visions of 6ft letters but I am beginning to realise that might be a bit optimistic. I might do a cardboard scale model this weekend (I could use fairy lights too) and think through methods and plans.

Any advice on building these would be really appreciated as I think its going to take more than a pretty drill, workbench and secondhand jigsaw. I was also told by a colleague today that decoupaging the workbench would be classed as procrastination (spoil sport)


Another day and another photographer already booked – Claudia Rose Carter

You know I really thought I was being a bit silly when I started looking at photographers already. There is 8-9 months left to sort this wedding stuff out, I was mostly trying to see how much it costs. I am very glad I did as so far 2 of the people who I would class as my favorite photographers are booked!

Matt Parry recommended Claudia Rose Carter of which I was very grateful because when I looked at her website I was really excited to see I had actually already looked at her work! It’s either a very small world of I have a seriously dangerous addiction to Pintrest!

My favorite all time wedding dress by Wendy Makin was featured in a destination wedding that Claudia did. Many of you may have seen it but if not take a look.

Claudia’s style is beautiful,edgy, and creative and right up my street! Whoever you are 23rd of May 2015 you are very lucky!

As you can imagine I am getting slightly anxious I won’t find the right person. Luckily Claudia has also suggested a photographer who she works with so onwards we go on the search.

Matt Parry – Alternative wedding photography

I am so in love with this photographer’s work I had to share it with you all. I have not stopped talking about it since I found him on my searches.

There is one major problem (and it wasn’t even money)  – He’s already taken and obviously refuses to change his plans! Whoever you are your really lucky and I am very very jealous!

I spent hours looking through his pictures, I love the colours and the fact his black and white photos are just that. I hate it when the contrast is up so high it makes you squint. Its a photo you’re looking at not the sun for goodness sake!

This little girl is brilliant!

His website can be found on this link and his blog includes lots of his weddings to date. They are all stunning!

Love the colours

I have gained quite a bit of inspiration from some of these weddings too, the decadent disco has had me searching for chandeliers! (I must see if Josephine can put a swing in the trees)

Amazing inspiration

I am certain now of the style I am looking for. I ended up chatting to Matt for ages on the phone and he was really helpful answering some of my questions. Because he wasn’t trying to sell me anything I assume he had nothing to gain and his advice was brilliant! Totally changed my view on some things I had thought were absolutes. He has also recommended another photographer so hopefully I will have found someone soon!

Maybe I should just book him anyway for another day, maybe a family shoot with the kids.

right I am away to go look through his website a bit more with my tissues because I am not wallowing at all. Hopefully I will get over this disappointment soon.

What do you think of this style of wedding photo’s?

Commuting rocks! (Don’t call the men in white just yet)

You may or may not know but I have a long journey to work. It’s short either side of the train journey but I get to spend approx 2-3 hours a day sat on a train and it’s brilliant!

No I have not gone loco suddenly (it’s always been there). The OCD, developed since November, in terms of where I stand on a platform, the unspoken rules of fellow commuters, the dilemma of snoring, dribbling,resting your head on the person next to you and missing your station because you are asleep are all just in a mornings ride to work.

I used to see myself as fortunate with my commute as I got to sleep and read my book as opposed to sitting in a traffic jam in my old beaten car which has no stereo. That was until I started planning the wedding.

Now I can’t sleep. I am wide awake thinking, mulling and musing over all the different things I need to do. I update my fancy spreadsheet (oh yes baby it’s pretty cool) or I am sewing. In my last post I talked about the hearts to hang on the chairs, well the train ride has given me a perfect opportunity to turn this journey time into a major crafting session.


Even if I do have to sit on the floor *rant alert* because the train company won’t put on more trains to deal with the bursting at the seams demand (breathe) I am happily sat sewing (unfortunately there are no pictures of this as I can’t ask one of the fellow commuters to take a picture – we don’t talk to each other, that’s absolutely not the done thing)

I am sure I look a bit bonkers to the others and I also worry about being told off for carrying my scissors on public transport.

Does anyone else do anything creative on their commute or can anyone suggest any tips for helping me get back to sleep!

Hearts and flowers

I am sure you have all seen those hanging hearts everywhere. They come in metal, wood, wire with beads, you can pop tea lights into them and use them as pillows. I thought they would be a really cute item to use as part of the decoration.
I have asked for a workbench and drill for my birthday this year so I can make things with wood but right now I only have my sewing machine. I saw some hanging hearts like these

IMG_5142.JPG and thought I can do that!
I had some floral cotton I had found in a charity shop and used a template from Homemaker magazine (you can download it from their website) and set about having a go. It was a bit trial and error at first

It’s heart-shaped yes but I forgot to sew whatever it was going to hang from as I stitched it and when I tried to sew that on after it looked a bit messy.

So I tried again and this was a bit better


I then thought I could spice it up a bit with some embroidery (obviously) Why not make it personal I thought I have loads of time to do that!  At least for the family members and wedding party. I know!!!! I will hand embroider each one as well as look after 2 kids and work full-time!

I filled it with barley which you can warm up and then it can be used as a heat pack. I ladder stitched by hand the small hole I left to fill it. So far so good……..
This 1 hanging heart only took a whole afternoon (and it only smelled a bit like a dinner once warmed in the microwave yuck…..)

Looked good don’t you think?

I never learnt less is more and I went and added a wonky lopsided o, v and e. The result is I now know what I will and won’t do (and I don’t want wonky writing that looks like a child has made it, so this one can hang in the house).

With 130 guests I wonder if I can do one for each?
I will hang them on the chairs in the reception and I am a bit worried about the smell so have ordered some lavender to pop in them.
Maybe a different shape would be easier?
Has anyone else done this and have any idea how much time it took them?

Either way I better get started!