Possible idea to serve the jam’s

Ever since I was small I have loved and collected glass.
I used to stomp around at boot sales with my parents and buy vases and ashtrays and anything else made from a colourful glass.
Unfortunately I have lost it over the years. Now the glass I used to be able to collect for as little as 50p is being sold for £40 at a stall in a field! To keep costs down I thought a cheaper option would be to use pressed glass and the lidded pots used for bonbons would be pretty and practical.

I found 3 and love them.


What do you think? I thought 2 per table would be enough and they are about £3 each from charity shops.


Afternoon tea – What is a lemon plate?

I have started buying the items for afternoon tea. I figured I better start as soon as possible as we will need a lot of stuff. It’s really interesting the difference between high tea, afternoon tea and the such. The most formal being afternoon tea where people would pull the curtains and light candles and make it a real event.
With rules around who does what and when I think we will be choosing a much less formal affair, I just wanted it to look pretty and we love tea!

First things first, to be organised I obviously need to work out a list of what I have to buy and how many. Again this is something I thought was simple, I really need to stop googling everything! ( you should never google illnesses and you should also never ask advice from google on weddings!)

So for a full afternoon tea I should have;
Sugar bowl
Hot water kettle
Sugar tongs
Caddy spoon
Waste bowl
Tea strainer
Lemon plate
Lemon fork or pick
My best silver and porcelain
Plates if there is going to be a large spread of cakes and savouries
Cake stand/sandwich stand

Not much then no?
What is a creamer? Is that a jug?
A lemon plate? Is that an actual thing, or a plate designated for lemon slices?

In my excitement of purchasing items I made a faux pa (but I don’t really care). I have noted it below

These are coffee cups (notice the different shape? No me neither at first I just thought they were pretty)

So now, armed with my new found expertise of afternoon tea equipment I am away to the local charity shops with every other person right now.

I am not going to go the whole hog, cups, saucers and plate will be enough for now. I have also made the decision the have to be fine china or porcelain no stone wear or modern. I also will only accept plane or floral designs nothing else (maybe a country scene as I thought the boys might like that)

Any excuse to spend money makes me happy so I am already enjoying the prospect of this!

Please get in tough if you think I have missed anything!?