Possible theme – It does not have to be original, it just needs to be beautiful.

Since getting engaged and really looking at weddings it seems all the things I ever dreamt of are pretty standard wedding fair.

It’s practically impossible to be original today unless it’s a hello kitty theme or the bridesmaids dress as a palm tree or a pineapple. I have spent several weeks now getting a bit stressed with trying to be original and different from all the current trend’s for vintage and pretty. Martin and I want a relaxed affair and not a formal stuffy day so I was almost trying to make it un-wedding like. Ridiculous I know. It was only when a very good friend said to me

“It does not have to be original, it only has to be beautiful”

I regained some composure before then worrying about it being beautiful! Argh what is beautiful??

I used to love pink and green and that had a bit of a season a few years ago. I had progressed to no colour scheme however When did multi-colours become so popular? Should it be all white? Maybe just green and white? I thought I had an original idea. Remember the days when everyone was a lovely purple and white, or red and white? Not any more it’s patterns and a mix of colours all the way.

Floral is another great love of mine. I love anything pretty and floral. Big blooms, again this appears to be very trendy now. Even patterned wedding dresses which I thought was going to be a really original option. One of my other close friends then pointed out that I might blend into the crowd if wearing what essentially looked like a floral maxi-dress.

This is not a floral maxi-dress this is beautiful!

Bunting is another super trend now isn’t it. There is a brilliant blog called F**k off Bunting which just about sums the trend up for me in terms of bunting overload but (lowers head in guilty way) I still really like it! Except when it looks rubbish!

Afternoon tea and vintage china, it’s all in cafés now and most marquee weddings. So fashionable to drink from a vintage cup and saucer. I am not sure if my plan for a vintage tea party with original china will be quite so unique now and can you even find china cups and saucers anywhere?

So where did I get to with my thoughts on themes?

Basically it doesn’t matter what we decide! All these things are popular for one simple reason and that’s because they are beautiful and timeless. My urge to be original was distracting me from focusing on the fact that this is the most exciting event of my life now and I can’t actually wait. It will be……
Floral, vintage, multi-coloured and full of vintage china with more floral patterns and maybe a few more flowers.

If it looks like every other wedding out there I don’t care! (Although I hope I can make it original with all my DIY ideas).

Has anyone else out there had the same dilemma? How did you reach your theme and is anyone else sick of the vintage fad yet?

What’s next – Jetson style modern?

maybe another marquee idea?


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