Finding our marquee

If anyone is reading this and has spent hours on Pintrest (as I have) you will know there is endless choice in what marquee you can have and how you can decorate it. I am pretty sure this all depends on how much you want to spend (obviously). I can’t make my mind up ( as usual) but some of my favourite types of marquee are below.

The first one is more of a tent it’s so pretty especially if it does not rain! It just oozes expensive too don’t you think?


The next is a traditional marquee. This looks really popular now especially with the vintage theme so popular. It reminds me a bit of a circus tent with the poles inside giving it a pretty shame and the ropes tethered outside (possibly dangerous for my drunken friends)


The next style is the tipi style. I really think these are cool but not sure they will fit in my budget or my idea of how things will look. Love the cosy feel if it was autumn and not spring when we are getting married I think I would consider this as an option.


This is a clear span marquee and the ones we have seen used at most venues. Metal frame and outer with all the fabric on the inside. You can also have clear panels put in the roof and rather than the traditional windows you can have clear panels. Clear is more expensive too (of course) it’s a real blank canvas and no poles on the inside.




I better start getting quotes. All these grand ideas are not going to find something that’s good value for money and good looking whilst not forgetting watertight!!

I don’t suppose I can add marquee to my list of things to make once I get a drill………

I am really keen to hear from anyone who has hired a marquee or tent. What sort of things should I be checking and what tips do you have in picking a style?


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