Introducting the paddock at Hurstbourne Priors!

We have a venue!

Well we have a field. A beautiful flat field surrounded by trees and hedges next to a village cricket ground and the perfect church. Quintessential English village all rolled into one.

As I have previously mentioned in another blog I went to a May fete and a very close friend (LBee) introduced me to Josephine who is the owner of a paddock. She has agreed to let us rent it and is going to clear it all out (its not quite ready yet) and get it useable.  It needs a bit of work.

As you can see there is a lot of clearing to do and the grass currently comes up to your knees but I can see it’s right. I would  like to live in the village it’s so pretty. It’s north of Winchester near Whitchurch, which will be useful for people coming on the train.

It’s just off the road so brilliant access and it has a huge tree that will be great to hang lamps, bunting and signs. In addition there is enough room for seating and pretty fruit trees that add extra decoration!

I met some people in the village and they have all been friendly and helpful. We have also booked the village hall as it will be useful to have storage and access to the kitchen. It also is really pretty!

The next step is to see if we can get married in the beautiful church next door as that would be perfect.

Fingers crossed…….

Let me know what you think.



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