St Pauls or not to St Pauls………

We are lucky that because of Martins brilliant mum, we are able to get married in the OBE chapel at st Paul’s Cathedral. Pretty special hey? We have not been to a wedding there and we didn’t know of anyone else so “why not get married in London” we chimed one evening. Decision made. No more searching for a barn or a field or somewhere different. It feels good.

We are getting very irritated with our inability to find a venue we can afford that matches our “trying not to be a wedding type wedding” this feels positive. We have made a decision! Onwards!!……

First things first, We have to write to Buckingham palace for permission! One of the extremely cool bits of this process is the response. We got the most formal letter I have ever seen giving us permission. I will definitely frame it and put it on the wall and I am sure my friends are a little bored of my telling them about it.

Once you have permission you then write for a special license from the Arch Bishop of Canterbury (his office). This was granted via email (very modern, well done CoE). It’s all go now we are on a roll……

You can imagine we are getting pretty excited now. I have found invitation ideas and thought about what sort of dress would look good in a cathedral, I have sourced a ton of warehouses, restaurants and hotels for the city wedding reception.

Then reality hits us, the person who is in charge of booking dates who was just lovely, informs us we would have to wait until late 2016 and even then we needed to hurry up as it was getting full. 2015 had a very long waiting list of people holding on for a just in case date! They only do Saturday weddings and I think they said it’s only one or two a day so spaces are limited.

So it seems I am destined to not have a city wedding. I wanted to get married in September 2014 let alone wait until near the end of 2016! Wow, Venue hunting is hard work! I am jealous of all my friends who find their dream spot first time

There are definitely a couple of points which make me feel disappointed

1 it’s St Paul’s Cathedral!
2 the Central London city wedding reception I had pictured was going to be super elegant!
3 my invitations were going to be so cool I can’t even begin to describe how brilliant they were!

However there are even more positives

1. The field I saw last week is obviously meant to be. I just need to show Martin.
2 it’s so much cheaper outside of London (have to remember there is a budget!)
3 it was just as difficult to find a reception venue in London as it was in Hampshire (ridiculous I know)
4 the kids preferred a closer to home venue and not Central London

It’s meant this way don’t you think? It’s obviously because I am meant to have my wedding in a floral field with a floral theme.