I am engaged and this is my first blog!

Hello, welcome, come on in, take a seat, cup of tea? Lady Grey?

Welcome to my fist blog post! Its taken a while as I have managed to delete, remove and keep everything as a draft for some time.

It happened on the 28th of Feb 2014 – just before sunset

We got engaged! Yep, I can’t believe how good this feels. It happened on the shingle beach in a place I used to go to as a child. Barton on sea, the place I became Mrs de Sousa to be!

Martin proposed and I said yes. obviously, it was the most beautiful day and I have wandered round with the most ridiculous smile planted on my face ever since. Who have I become all of a sudden?

We (he) skimmed stones on the very fast approaching stormy waves, we visited the forest, ate a huge lunch all in the drizzle. Perfect!! The rain cleared long enough for us to watch the sun to go down (it was obviously planned specially for the occasion) and then we went to Pebble Beach an extraordinary seafood restaurant on the cliffs overlooking the beach out to the Isle of Wight. They surprised us with a pudding after our platter of oysters shellfish and champagne. So spoilt!

My ring is beautiful! It’s too small to fit on my finger so no picture of me wearing it yet (I will be down the jewllers tomorrow) except the picture at the end where it’s on my little finger. I got it stuck on my ring finger in my enthusiasm to wear it straight away and then had to smother it in my Pawpaw gold papaya and manuka balm! Is all OK now thoroughly cleaned. It sparkles so much!

Woods Jewellers in Coulston designed and made it. I have been informed the service was exceptional and very recommended.

We are keeping it just to ourselves for now. Did you tell anyone straight away? Our little bubble of happiness I could easily stay here forever ( I am not a soppy person and have surprised myself and friends ) its more like a brainwash not an engagement. I have already bought my first wedding magazine, I see an addiction forming already.

If your reading this and engaged or married what’s your proposal story? I would love to know.