Instructions on how to react if a supplier cancels 9 weeks before the wedding 

1. Pour glass of wine and draft a choice few words in response . Delete words.

2. Flick through pintrest and then read Rock and roll bride magazine whilst choosing choice words. 

3. Pour second glass of wine and watch a rubbish drama programme. Write the chosen revised choice words. 

4. Delete choice words 

5. Pour third glass of wine and remember to keep F#%$ing calm. 

6. Drunkenly feel sorry for yourself 

7. Sleep 

In all seriousness I can’t believe how calm I have been with a little glitch with the caterer. Martin got on and emailed some new ones while I continued with the schedule of things to make. These things happen and in all seriousness it may be a blessing. 

There is ages to find a new one and all I can say is I am grateful for it not being a week before the wedding.

See……. Soooo calm! 



A Most Curious Wedding Fair – Why would you got o any other?

Hello, yes still alive! Just popping in to tell you about this as if you have not heard of this fair you need to

Last week I went as a bridesmaid to the most brilliant and refreshing wedding fair. So much so I had to tell anyone who is interested all about it. So if you have not already had to listen to me going on and on about it in person then here you go! have a read!!

If you are a bride looking for stretchy chair covers with the pretty sash tied in a bow, the DJ who played at your Granny Em’s 80th, the candy cart which can be accessoried to meet any colour scheme then possibly you should think twice


if you like most brides to be I know spend all day drooling and yearning to be as cool and fun as those brides on Rock and Roll Brides blog and magazine and/or you are addicted to Pintrest and Instagram then look no further! This fair is the holy grail of cool. Most of all its not inmidating, fancy, or scary its welcoming and homely and all the vendors actually feel like your best friend (or at least you wish they were).

While I was there I finally managed to find the person who could do the wedding ring I wanted for the price I can afford. There were called London Rocks and I met the MOST amazing designer called Laura from LorieX who I am working with on something really exciting.

There were fashion shows, Cakes, prop hire companies (especially one who had the most amazing chandeliers and religious artifacts called Bijoux bride ) there was also the Cereal Killer Cafe (who sells lucky charms breakfast) it was just amazing. Our picture is from Boxless Booths.


We got tattoos from Doris Loves who also gave me great tips on Marquee letters. IMG_8114

Things By Laura was there who I follow on Instagram so it was great to meet her in person. Her paper flowers are to die for!

So keep a look out on the website for the next dates. I would also really recommend the VIP goody bags. We didnt and I spent the whole time with massive VIP guest envy. especially looking at the Benefit goodies!

Right better go plan this wedding.

Its only 10 weeks, 1 day and 1 hour you know!!

No one ever tells you about having a dress made…

Shhhhhhh apparently I have stumbled across a secret. It’s something that people know and do but nobody talks about it. It’s not the done thing. A bit like other illicit activities….. You know… drinking fruit juice straight out of the carton and not using a glass, or going to sleep and not taking off your makeup.


The secret is, from what I can see and read, no matter what you do, having a dress made is cheaper than buying one off the rail. * Important note* A hand made Vivienne Westwood or Marchesa Gown may be the exception to this rule! If you are working to a budget of that size then this may not be the post for you!


A dress made for you even with silk, satin, specially dyed fabric, imported fabrics, custom pattern making and cutting etc etc its cheaper!


Some of the reasons for this are

Alterations are included in the price (it’s made for you and your shape) and you can pick all of your favourite bits of everything and have what you want ( as long as it’s not impossible).

Even if you do buy a dress from a shop find a reputable dress maker to do your alterations as it’s cheaper still. Shops add a premium to the seamstress to work there.

Time wise it’s less pressure as it’s not an order that is bulk made in a factory in China and then shipped over.

I was one of those brides that thought it took 6 months because it was made for you! I didn’t realise it’s because they stock pile all the orders of a particular dress until they have a large enough volume to make them all at once. I also thought the couture ranges were so called as they were then bespoke made or you had options. I didn’t realise that meant you could order it without a train and that cost more! (Yes – less fabric but more cost as it isn’t a standard format on the factory process line!)

With this in mind I have decided to have my dress made. All part of keeping the wedding locally produced and as budget friendly as possible. I went to lots of dress makers who ranged from women working out of their spare rooms to shops with a team of seamstresses.

The types of dresses vary in cost quite a bit so it’s really worth shopping around. I can not stress this enough! You may find a £200ish for a dress from a ready made pattern with a cheap stock fabric to £400 for a complete restyle of a dress to £1000+ for a custom pattern silk bespoke dress.there are many options in between these also a £1000 dress would be pretty special! Options and choices are huge! They vary so much you have to meet them and go through ideas.

All the people I met were really great at advising me on fabrics and what can and can’t be done including why. I was able to look through their previous designs and also some dresses they were currently working on.


We were able to discuss bridesmaid alterations and a style that would be great for my daughter and include it in the plan.

The feeling of relief in finding someone who can do the dress I want for a price that was reasonable was overwhelming. Probably the first time I came close to getting emotional over ‘the one’!

My first fitting was Saturday which was and is very exciting and nerve racking and scary! No going back now!
I would love to hear from anyone else who had their gown made.

Thinking of moving house yourself? A few tips from our move

So, other than say DON’T! Hire the professionals, here are some helpful pieces of advice I wish I knew before we moved ourselves.

1. Think about how much you have to move. A small studio flat or student accommodation is a world away from a  4 bedroom  house and a double garage! Think of the fact your body will actually be moving all of that stuff. ( hurts your back just thinking about it!) Hire tools and equipment that will help like those little sack truck things and a van with a tail lift?

2. Write detailed descriptions of what is in what box and where it needs to got o in the new house. Just because its the box of stuff from your bottom kitchen drawer you might want to store it somewhere else to give you more room to move about in your new home. Put the location of where it needs to go not where it came from.

3. You will need more boxes than you think and same goes for tape and bubble wrap. Make sure you have lots of supplies and a good marker pen for labeling the boxes.


I keep telling myself this is organised chaos!

4. Wardrobe boxes are a god send but if you do not have any or can not afford lots of them (or any) then group your clothes still on hangers and section with tape. We also covered ours with a bin liner to keep them clean and reasonably tidy on the back seat of the car.

5. Do not pack boxes to heavy. Once you have lifted the 40th box you will want it light.


Make sure your kettle isn’t in that box in the far corner!

6. Start packing early. Seriously you do not need 10 saucepans 2weeks ahead of the move date – as I found out.

7. Keep all cleaning supplies in a crate so you have everything to hand

8. A crate of tea and biscuits will keep people happy. We forgot to plan what and how we would eat and there was many a ‘hangry’ person wandering around until MIL took action and fed the crew. Make sandwiches the night before.

9. Use suitcases!! Towels, bedding, anything!

10. Plan to get beds made first, order a pizza and have a glass of wine. There is so much time to unpack. Enjoy your new home!

What was everyone else’s experience of moving themselves or using a moving company?

Progress report – what should you have done with 6 months to go?

It’s 5 months and 1 week to the wedding.

Amazing really as I thought we had ages to go and we just moved house last week so its been all about packing and unpacking and not wedding planning.

I also thought we were really organised and well planned until I read one of those lists that tell you what you should do and when. Lets take a look.

So by now we should have all the below booked, decided and organised……….

Theme and style all decided  – Not quite as keep seeing more and more designs and colours I like

Ceremony venue – Yeah……. kind of……… need to firm up the church times and actually confirm the date and stuff…….

Reception venue should all be booked -Yes – Boom!

Number of Guests – we have a rough idea…..

Florist – Nope think this is a DIY job but probably actually need to organise something don’t I?

Band/DJ – No.

Caterers – Yes! Done!!

Photographer – YES!! (2 actually firmed up and decided items done so far)

Transport – Nope. We wont need it but need to organise it for the guests after the reception.

Dress – Don’t even go there

Bridesmaids – I have them! Can’t find the shell suits though……

Wedding rings – Nope…..

Stationary – NO!…..

Wedding Cake – Thank god we are not having one! (I will just count this as a yes so I feel better)

None of this includes the stuff you need to do with 5 months to go etc.

Good job I never listen to good advice otherwise I might start to panic a bit. Just a bit. Teeny tiny bit!!

Sorry what was that you asked?

Gin and Tonic?

Yes please. Make it a double.



Ooops……I bought the wrong wedding dress

I never really saw the dress as a huge deal and I was adamant and I was not going to spend thousands. I wanted to spend as little as possible and have something really plain and simple but a bit different.

I went shopping with Laura my bridesmaid and it was all really quite overwhelming! We would go into a shop and leave again reasonably quickly as EVERYHING was tulle or lace, fishtail or mermaid or that Gatsby/Downtown style. It seems what I have been looking for isn’t that fashionable right now.

It felt like I had tried on everything there was in all shapes and sizes. Even tulle brilliant white ballgowns with feather bodices! I didn’t know what I was going to do. How do you know you have found “the one”?

I made an impulsive decision a couple of months ago (maybe a bit longer). I went and tried on some dresses with my daughter. We went into the local town to get school shoes and I bought a wedding dress. Imagine! I tried it on Evie loved it so called Laura down all muddy from her dog walk and she loved it, it felt pretty good so hey presto!

Ever since I have been trying to convince myself it’s “the one” but it isn’t working and I have found myself quite grumpy and sad about it. The problem is what do I do now!?

The dress itself is lovely. Its La Sposa, satin and Ivory and beautiful but the front of the bodice is just not right.

I have made some appointments with a couple of dress makers so maybe I can just get it altered!

I would love to keep it because I bought it in what can only be described as a charity shop! One of the local bridal shops closed and donated all of their sample gowns to a children’s hospice. The hospice set up a “pop up” bridal shop with the dresses. Isn’t it just a fab idea? I love that I was helping a children’s hospice in buying the dress and getting a bargain at the same time.

If anyone has any helpful suggestions or if you have also done this please do let me know!
Thanks for reading x

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